PRISM has a long history of providing unparalleled support for a variety of industries due to the system’s flexible architecture which promotes organization-based configuration packages. These packages are fine-tuned for each client’s unique needs.


Selected PRISM Industries:

State and Local Governments

The three “C’s” of the PRISM value to State and Local Government are Certification, Collection and Compliance.

Certification:  Whether you organization maintains its own certification program or uses a trusted jurisdiction approach or a combination of the two, PRISM provides integrated productivity tools that will improve the efficiency and accuracy of the certification process with more efficient workflows and consistency of information. 

Collection:  PRISM provides web based vendor facing tools to efficiently gather information at both the Certification and compliance stage of the process. PRISM is recognized as the friendliest solution on the market.

Compliance:   As programs mature and the law around diversity programs evolve, it is clear that monitoring the commitment stage can miss the last mile of actual payments to certified vendors.  PRISM is integrated with your financial system and configured to support your process to not only follows the money but does so in a way that secures the acknowledgement of all the contract participants. 


The two “D’s” of the PRISM Value to Transportation Industry are: DBE and Davis Bacon.

DBE: Using PRISM will easily allow your agency to fulfill the requirements of 49 CFR Part 26 Uniform Report of DBE Commitment and Payment for certification and reporting.  The Certification module of PRISM is designed around the Department of Transportation’s Uniform Certification Process inclusive of mobile solutions to document site visits in the field.  PRISM produces the Part 26 reports with ease and confidence in the data and report.

Davis Bacon:  PRISM provides web based tools to manage Certified Payroll for vendors to electronically submit payrolls and for agencies to monitor compliance against the latest prevailing wage decisions in real time.  PRISM's Labor Management Module manages Prevailing Wage, Living Wage, Local Preference, and custom entitlement programs.  Use PRISM to Submit, Audit, and Certify payrolls.  PRISM also automatically send late reporting and penalty notifications to vendors.  Use the PRISM mobile solution to conduct on-site inspections.

Airports and Port Authority
The “A’s” of PRISM value to Airports are: ACDBE and ARRA. 

has created an offering specifically designed to assist Airports and other Port Authorities with the management of its Federally regulated diversity-based business and economic development programs.  Our offering is fully compatible with FAA 49 CFR Parts 23 and 26.

The PRISM Concessions Module provides an easy means to collect and analyze concessionaie and sub conccessionaire spend.  Again, concessionaires can submit thier spend reports via the web.

tracks your organizations spend while producing your ARRA, Federal, State, and Local program reports.  PRISM’s flexible configuration facilitates Federal and custom diversity program management.

Our Airport and Port Authority clients use PRISM to:

  1. Set realistic goals while monitoring the compliance on construction, professional services and concessions. 
  2. View revenue for Car Rental and Non-Car Rental spend across all agreement types. 
  3. Detect fraud in your ACDBE and DBE programs.
  4. Provide accurate and timely reports to their executives and vendor communities while promoting transparency in their diversity programs. 
  5. Produce the Uniform Report for ACDBEs

Housing Authorities
The “H” of PRISM Value to Housing Authorities is HUD reporting.

has created an offering specifically designed to assist Housing Authorities with tracking Contract Compliance, Section 3 Utilization, Workforce Development, Job Creation, and other Certified Payroll and Prevailing Wage reporting requirements.

tracks your organization's spend while producing your ARRA, US HUD, State, and Local government reports.  PRISM’s Mobile solution facilitates Site Visits and Employee Interviews. When combined with PRISM’s Report Center, the HUD 11 is generated automatically.  Moreover, the Report Center automatically generates the HUD 2516 quickly and easily.   With PRISM’s vendor portal your vendors can  submit their periodic compliance reports and certified payroll securely over the web.

Our Housing Authority clients tell us that reports that took months in the planning and execution are available in minutes.  They also tell us that executive briefings about  the  impact diversity programs before PRISM would mean late nights and all hands on deck.  Now these same request for impact information are low stress events because PRISM put substantiated data that demonstrates residence usage,  growth of your  vendor’s capacity, and adherence to HUD regulations at their fingertips.  It doesn’t matter what the executive asks because the answers are in PRISM.


Education (K-12, Higher Education)
The “1, 2, 3” of the PRISM Value for Education adds to that of State & Local Government by including:
  1. Labor Management Module – for tracking school construction
  2. Customized executive reports – for reporting to school boards and commissioners
  3. Transaction payment tracking – for tracking purchases made on credit cards and BPO

The unique benefits for education: Construction money certified payroll

Health Care Systems
The PRISM value to Hospitals is very similar to Education but with a greater emphasis on the “P” of Payment Tracking and the “V” of Vendor outreach.

Tracking actual spend with certified vendors of specialized medical supplies is enabled by the integration of PRISM with a hospital system's financial system.  Business development support in finding and developing these types of vendors is also a special emphasis of hospital systems using PRISM.  Many hospitals also have needs around management of the contracts associated with their Capital Budget.



Energy & Utility
The PRISM Value to Energy and Utility companies is in providing detailed reporting on the Economic Impact of Supplier Diversity Programs on specific geographic regions.

PRISM's utility clients often have the same compliance management responsibilities that are bestowed on local governments.

Vendors and Construction
The PRISM Value to Vendors and Construction companies is in web-bases submission, certification, and audit of Prevailing Wage Certified Payroll. Additionally, in Public Private Partnerships situations, PRISM offers the ability to out of the box provide a complete suite of contract compliance tools.


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