PRISM Compliance Management

The Compliance Management Module uses the PRISM Closed-Loop Acknowledgment workflow to collect, store, and manage an organizations’ expenditures, including credit card transactions, with traditional and diverse (M/WBE) suppliers. Managers have a history of all payments made from its organization to prime contractors as well as payments from primes to subcontractors.








  • Generate Federal Uniform DBE and ARRA reports
  • Monitor Prime and Subcontractor Payment and Invoice reports
  • Track contract and diversity spend to date as dollars and percent participation by diversity groups
  • Analyze Predictive Performance Indicators
  • PRISM Reports and Alerts allow Contract managers to be proactive in their monitoring, non-compliance notification, and responses to contract compliance complaints.






PRISM import and synchronization processes automatically capture vendor, payment, and invoice changes. Managers may view payment details for each prime payment made against each authorized purchase order. Payment details identify the prime contractor's name, payment amount, payment date, purchase order number, issue date, and reference number.

















More significant advantages: PRISM tracks key contract indicators that are essential to monitoring contract and compliance activity. Tracking only contract award is not enough to truly gain what going on within a contract. With payment information for prime contractors and subcontractors, managers have the capacity to generate real-time expenditures tracking reports daily, weekly, monthly, and quarterly by date range.

With the PRISM Centers of Excellence, you may generate letters automatically and deliver them via fax, email, or U.S. mail. PRISM’s Reference Center allows you to attach payment verifications directly to a contract, payment report, or invoice report.

PRISM Contract Management
PRISM Contract Management Module offers web-based, enterprise contract management with complete record collection of all contractual data. Organizations streamline processes in the contract lifecycle; manage contractual agreements and related documents; and track prime and M/WBE subcontractor goals, waivers, and utilization plans. The Contract Management Module interfaces with the Vendor Management Module to provide real-time contract performance and statistical data.

The Contract Management Module allows you to assign funding sources, so you can monitor and report by funding source and diversity type. There’s nothing stopping you from creating an ‘ARRA’ funding source and tracking stimulus dollars?

Want to know who the subcontractors are, what tier they are, what the retainage is, or what the utilization plan is? PRISM collects and stores all this information and creates a project timeline that illustrates when subcontractors’ work starts and ends relative to the project overall duration.

The PRISM Ray Report Center makes it easy for managers to communicate the impact their programs are having within their organization and the local economy. Reports also help you plan for procurements by demonstrating diversity-based firms’ capacity and past performance. Track waivers by reason, requestor, grantee, percentage, and dollar amount. Generate ARRA and other federally required reports in seconds.

  • Track MBE participation on multiple contract purchase types: capital construction, commodities, small procurement, and credit card.
  • Manage subcontractor goals, commitments and waivers

The PRISM Reference Center allows you to attach documents to your contract in over a hundred file formats. Keep up with important contract documents such as RFP, bids, budgets, and project plans. PRISM displays reference documents in their native format. Use Contract Notes to capture conversations with vendors and blog about contracts with other staff. The PRISM Correspondence Center automatically generates, sends and stores letters. Simply identify the contract and letter, and let PRISM send correspondence via email, fax, or U.S. mail.

With PRISM, you spend more time building the capacity of your diversity and small business portfolio!

PRISM Vendor Management
The Vendor Management Module provides total vendor profile management; vendor bidder lists, vendor capacity availability, and vendor correspondence. Having descriptive vendor profiles is the foundation for achieving business development and M/WBE program goals. This module offers web-based and centralized vendor registration, and stores vendor information to a database for access by vendors, contract managers, and buyers. The extensive ad-hoc search capability allows users to identify vendors by name, service or product offering, industry (NAICS, NIGP, or Custom), diversity type, and more. With the role-based security features, updating vendors’ profile information may be restricted to organization staff, or implemented as web-based self-management by the vendor community.





Standard public-accessible eDirectories are searchable by vendor name, vendor certification, gender, zip code, or custom fields. The Diversity Directory Index is also searchable by ethnicity, certification, city, state, industry classification, and more. Disparity reports illustrate the availability of diversity and women-owned firms across segmented industries and services.

PRISM is everything you need to manage your vendor portfolio while building their business capacity.

PRISM Certification Management
Whether you use a Unified Certification Program (UCP) as a certification model or you have local small and minority business certification program, the PRISM Certification Management Module streamlines your certification and re-certification processes. Integrated with PRISM’s Workflow and Survey Centers, the Certification Module places the certification application in pre-defined workflows. As certification applications are processed, vendors and certification staff receive alerts informing them of the application status. By configuring the Survey Center with your on-site visit checklist and interview questions, you streamline, record, and organize your entire certification management process. Manage the investigation of vendor complaints and produce reports that clearly identify the source, vendor, deposition, and results of the investigation. The PRISM Correspondence Center manages communications with vendors. PRISM sends requests for information, provides notices of interview and site visit dates, prints certification certificates, and automatically generates alerts for certification renewal and expiration.

PRISM’s web-based Certification add-on allows you to take certification applications over the web. Vendors may also upload allof their supporting certification documents. Why not record or video the site visit or interview? PRISM’s enormous data warehouse storesphotographs, birth certificates, tax returns, licenses, stock certificatesfor as long as you need.

The PRISM Ray Report Center provides a plethora of reporting options. Certification staff easily sees in what phase applications are spending the most time, plot the growth of certified vendors, or review trends across certified vendors by race, gender, or industry. PRISM Disparity reports organize your data and get you ready for your next disparity study.

PRISM allows you to trust other organizations’ certifications. By using PRISM’s import and synchronization processes, you can update your vendor profiles with certifications issued by other organizations.



With PRISM Certification Module, you have better availability data and extra time to build the capacity of your Certified vendors!


PRISM Concession Management
The management of Sales Concession Agreements has never been easier. PRISM centralizes your agreement information for car and non-car rental concession services, and streamlines the processes for tracking agreement renewals, revenue, and suppliers.

From PRISM, you are capable of identifying the Airport Concession Disadvantaged Business Enterprises (ACDBE) and reporting participation commitments. From the Vendor Access module, prime and sub concessionaires may submit gross revenues reports. Allowing concessionaires to report over web ensures that your sales concession data is timely and more accurate. Moreover, preparation of the Federal Aviation Administration DOORS data report and annual Uniform ACDBE Commitment and Participation report are achieved in minutes.



The Concessions Management module takes advantage of the PRISM Centers of Excellence for Vendor Correspondence, Reference, and Surveys. PRISM allows you to generate letters and email notifications to concessionaires, and store them for future retrieval. Keeping up with the concession agreement document is easy with the reference center where PRISM stores your agreements and associated information in an electronic file cabinet for easy retrieval. PRISM also assists you in conducting on-site visits for safety and performance inspections, and compliance reviews. You may tailor the PRISM Survey Center with questionnaires and checklist so inspections and reviews are conducted in a consistent and concise manner.

PRISM is stimulating the growth of Concessionaires while streamlining the management processes. Join us!


PRISM Labor Management
PRISM offers the easiest and most intuitive way to capture employee utilization and payroll data. Using a web-based form similar to the current Workforce Utilization Reports, primes, subcontractors, and contract compliance staff input employee utilization that captures hire, ethnicity and gender data. Primes and subcontractors report certified payroll and employee utilization via the Vendor Access module, while contract compliance staff is able to view and audit certified payroll against applicable Prevailing Wage and Local Wage Decisions. PRISM alerts you to payroll submissions that are inconsistent with the wage decisions and even calculate penalties for vendors whose payrolls fail the audit. PRISM notifies you and vendors automatically when Workforce Utilization and Certified Payroll reports have not been submitted.

PRISM expands your capability for conducting on-site inspections. With Labor and Wage Management, workforce and certified payroll data is readily accessible when performing on-site inspections. PRISM allows you to interview contractor personnel and validate their pay rates, job category, and other information. Using PDA and Tablet technologies, contract compliance staff perform project Inspection, Validation and Verification (IV&V) services while on a job site. This capability has immediate impact on the validity of data, accuracy of inspection, and citing and tracking non-compliance. Ask your sales representative about a PRISM Mobility Solution.

PRISM is compliant with and generates reporting for American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009.


PRISM Affirmative Action Management
PRISM Affirmative Action Management Module completes a series of modules that provide the most comprehensive single source of diversity and compliance management tools on the market.

The Affirmative Action module provides contract managers with an efficient and green means to collect vendors’ Affirmative Action Plan (AAP) and workforce composition via the web. By comparing the workforce composition with recent census data, PRISM disseminates workforce comparisons. Use the PRISM Ray Report Center to prepare the US DOL EEO1, ARRA, and other reports in seconds. Annotate and certify vendors AAP and instantly store the plan in PRISM’s data warehouse for instant retrieval and review. By using PRISM’s Customizable Workflows, you can develop workflows for the intake, review, analysis, and adjudication of vendors’ AAP plans.



The PRISM Correspondence Center provides an automated means to communicate and track AAP remediation requirements. PRISM automatically generates and distributes letters to your vendors via email, fax, or print. Letters are stored in PRISM’s data warehouse for future reference.

The PRISM Reference Center provides you and vendors a means to upload and store AAP documents in over a hundred file formats.

PRISM saves you time and allows you to see your desk top.


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