PRISM Compliance Management (PCM) shines the spotlight on the City of Atlanta’s Office of Compliance Management. The City of Atlanta has been using PRISM for over three years. Prior to using PRISM, the City of Atlanta used a series of spreadsheets that it combined then aggregated to provide enterprise-wide reporting across the city.

“Our processes were very paper intensive and relied heavily on data entry and re-entry”, says Mr. Hubert Owens, Dir. Compliance Management for the City of Atlanta.

PCM deployed the PRISM Compliance Suite to automate the compliance reporting process. PCM also provided the vendor plugins which allowed vendors to perform compliance reporting over the web. This eliminated the need for the City of Atlanta to enter the vendor reports into spreadsheets.

“Allowing vendors to submit their compliance reports over the web saved us a tremendous amount of time and produces more accurate reports”, say Mr. Larry Scott, Chief Compliance Official for the City of Atlanta.

Since going live with the PCM Compliance Suite, the City of Atlanta has added the Certification module with online vendor certification applications. The Certification module facilitates the entire vendor certification process thus reducing the time it takes the City of Atlanta to certify vendors.

“Adding the Certification module to our PRISM suite only made sense. I am glad that PRISM is so accommodating to the ever-evolving needs of the City. It was almost effortless”, says Mr. Hubert Owens, Dir. Compliance Management for the City of Atlanta.

The City of Atlanta uses the following PRISM technologies

  • Vendor Management
  • Contract Management
  • Compliance Management
  • Concessions Management
  • Certification Management (with a custom online SBE application process)


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